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“Bring FACTS… to light with the

EVIDENCE…  to back it up"

Request Free consultation and evaluation of your case Investigators do not claim to be experts at everything, but we certainly know who these experts are for criminal defense support, computer forensics, debugging and divorce investigations. Our investigative network is not limited just to Washington DC area, but for the entire USA, Canada, the EU and 40+ more countries.

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AdMerk Corp. Inc. aka assists law firms in Washington DC by providing the most experienced investigators for your particular need. We don’t claim to be experts at everything, we simply know who those experts are.
You can immediately benefit from proven experience and our extensive network of licensed private investigators operating throughout the Washington DC metro area, the United States and in more than 40 countries. We can provide the FACTS back up with evidences for your criminal and civil matters by conducting surveillances, background checks, locating witnesses, and acquiring supplemental detailed statements.
We truly understand your need for immediate results and the importance of accuracy and thoroughness on every assignment. That’s why we only hire and utilize highly trained and experienced investigators who specialize in your area of need and have a proven track record.  
Make aka AdMerk Corp. Inc. your first choice when seeking any type of assistance on a case. We only utilize the most modern surveillance equipment, the latest video technology, and access to the most detailed proprietary databases only available to licensed professional investigators.
There is no doubt that you and your firm can benefit from our proven experience, but unless you try us, you’ll never know. That’s why I am able to offer you a free telephone consultation on any investigative matter that may arise or currently under consideration. We’ll quickly let you know if we can be of any help and work within your client’s authorized budget. You have absolutely nothing to lose other than a great opportunity.

AdMerk Private Security and Investigations Services serve a broad range of clients, such as:

PRIVATE PARTIES investigations services for:
1. Internet dating background checks of a lover, partner, stranger or a person of interest for the following questions:
- Is the person that I have been corresponding with married?
- Do they have a criminal record?
- Are they employed?
- Are they a sex offender?
- Are they really the age they claim to be?
- Do they live alone or who do they liv?
- Are they financially responsible?
- Do they have children?
- Have they ever filed for bankruptcy?
- Are they carrying a large amount of monetary debt?
- What school they truly graduated from?

2. Background checks to determine witnesses' credibility or an applicant's eligibility for employment

3. Child support investigations
- Identifying the whereabouts of a deadbeat parent
- Verifying proof and place of employment
- Performing asset investigations
- Conducting discreet undercover surveillance

4. Physical & Covert Surveillance Operations
- Conducting discreet undercover surveillance

5. Other requests as defined by clients

Request Free Consultation & Evaluation of your case

BUSINESS ENTITIES investigations services for:
1. Employee background checks to determine an applicant's eligibility for employment
2. Copyright, patent and trademark investigations by uncovering misuse of your patents, trademarks or intellectual property and enforcing your rights under patent laws
3. Insurance fraud investigations on behalf of insurance companies
4. Litigation Support investigation services for fact findings and evidence gathering for child custody, divorce, family law, intellectual property, libel, loss, patent infringement and product liability cases.
5. Workers' Compensation Fraud & Abuse Investigations for insurance companies, self-insured companies and insurance defense law firms
6. Insurance Claims investigation for insurance companies that are red flag as questionable Auto, Fire & General Liability insurance claim. 

Request Free Consultation & Evaluation of your case

How to hire AdMerk Private Investigations Services?

Step 1

After contacting us for a specific private investigation service, you will receive from AdMerk a retainer agreement 

Step 2

You will fill out and submit the signed copy of the retainer agreement form along with the total amount indicated

Step 3

One of our private investigators will start on your case after receiving your signed retainer agreement and the retainer payment.

At AdMerk, all of our Private Investigators are authorized and licensed in Washington DC with at least 1 years of previous experiences as an investigator in order to conduct surveillance operations or engage in undercover work on behalf of our clients.  

Depending on the complexity of your request, we may assign one or several Private Investigators to your case to obtain information and to present evidence to our clients and to serve as reliable witnesses if call upon. 

Our rates vary depending on the complexity of the assignment. Cases that require surveillance or field work are charged an hourly rate, plus mileage and expenses. 

 Request Free Consultation & Evaluation of your case

Corporate Headquarters:
20 F Street NW
Washington, DC 20001
(202) 817-2829
Virginia office:
4031 University Drive
Fairfax, VA 22030
(703) 568-4408
Maryland office:
137 National Plaza
National Harbor, MD 20745
(617) 202-8069

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